Air India [redacted]

Air India [redacted] – an opera by composer Jürgen Simpson and librettist Renée Sarojini Saklikar – 6th to 11th November

In 1985, the bombing of Air India Flight 182 resulted in a Boeing 747 crashing off the coast of West Cork killing 329 people. Thirty years later, an Irish-Canadian artistic collaboration responding to the tragedy and its fallout has resulted in an opera entitled “Air India [redacted]”. The opera significantly features the work of two artists associated with the University of Limerick: Composer Jürgen Simpson (DMARC, CSIS Dept.) and visual artist John Galvin (2013 PhD Graduate, DMARC) as well as award winning Canadian poet Renée Sarojini Saklikar, Vancouver based ‘Turning Point Ensemble’ and Irish director Tom Creed. The opera received substantial media attention throughout Canada and Ireland and was funded by The Banff Centre, British Columbia Arts Council, Culture Ireland, Canada Council for the Arts and the Vancouver Foundation. Presented in Vancouver as part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations of Simon Fraser University.