at once a surface and a frame

John Galvin – 2013

4 HD digital videos (varied durations)

at once a surface and a frame consists of a suite of four digital videos developed by John Galvin in 2012. These videos take the form of spatial montages, in which many different image materials (photographic, filmic and painting) share a single pictorial space. The results are densely layered, durational works that operate between modernist collage and cinematic realism.

This exhibition takes as its starting point the exploration of the window as a liminal surface – both thematically (in the source material used) and structurally (in examining the ‘surfaceness’ of the projection/screen). The videos offer a fractured surface where the ‘sutures’ between multiple images (and the different temporalities they represent) are left visible. The works explore a visuality where simultaneity rather than sequentiality is foregrounded – where the relationships between the multi-layered imagery become as important as the imagery itself.

Exhibition runs from 3rd – 13th September
Bourne Vincent Gallery,
Foundation Building,
University of Limerick.

Official opening 11th September @ 5pm