betav#01 premiered in Italy

betav#01 is a live audiovisual performance that had its premiere at the liveIXEM 2011 festival on the 8th December in Sicily, Italy.  Designed by both Léon & Giuseppe to engage in a conversation with its context (that of an ex-Tuna Processing Factory turned Museum) and its audience (that of the festival goers and the local populace) it posed a fresh perspective on the challenge to us all of maintaining healthy fish stocks so that we can, in turn, maintain healthy humans into the future.

Mixing unique performance tools (The Glove!), visuals and quadraphonic surround-sound, the aim was to immerse and then lead the audience into an awareness of what mankind’s current methods of fish production are resulting in. Based on the premise of the 2009 documentary The End of the Line, betav#01 appropriates clips from the documentary. We then suggest an alternative reading of this content by framing the video with motion graphics driven by data from the fishing industry, presented through the non-linear methods of live audiovisuals.

betav-#1 ( all acts in one ) from giuseppe on Vimeo.

betav#01 is to be the first in a series of live audiovisual performances, each designed around a specific context, audience and social concern. Upcoming performances in 2012 are to take place in Ireland, Britain and possibly Canada and the USA. As both Giuseppe and Léon are engaged in practice-based PhDs, each performance gives the artists valuable experience and information for the studies.