Career Opportunities

The Programme prepares students for careers in Audio and Video Technology and the Arts. Students are allowed to develop their knowledge within an academic setting where experimentation and creativity are encouraged. Graduates will be equipped to create and develop interactive music and multimedia projects. They will have acquired a sophisticated understanding of the aesthetic and technical issues involved. The unique feature of this course is that it focuses on training a new type of interdisciplinary graduate who combines technological competence with artistic and creative endeavour. There is an increasing need for graduates with the openness to cross technical and artistic boundaries and develop the use of computer technology in a range of industries and services such as recording, general media, broadcasting and education.

Specific Careers

  • Music Performance
  • Recording Engineer
  • Composer
  • Radio and Television Broadcasting
  • Sound and Audio Engineer
  • Video Engineer
  • Video Artist
  • Musical Production
  • Music Education
  • Video Editing and Production
  • Media, Music, Audio and Video Research