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Morphons and Bions selected for MUME weekend, Sydney, Australia

Morphons and Bions, a real-time Pd composition utilising noise-based synthesis techniques, will be performed 16 June, 4pm, in the event called “Studies in Autonomy.” It will be held in Verbruggen Hall, Conservatorium. Morphons and Bions marks an abrupt departure from using recorded sounds and moves into sound synthesis. When contemplating what makes recorded sounds so…

Henry Vega (US), Anat Spiegel (NL) & Emmanuel Flores (MX) performing Wormsongs

Thursday 4 April at 8pm.
Ormston House, 9/10 Patrick Street, Limerick

‘Dreams of the Jailed Dancer’ (2011) – Sazdov, selected for Days of Macedonian Music 2013

Sazdov’s composition ‘Dreams of the Jailed Dancer’ (2011) will received its multi-channel premier at this year’s Days of Macedonian Music. The concert will be held in the Museum of Skopje City, Friday 5th of April 2013.

CMC New Music Marathon 2013

Four MA/MSc Music Technology students, Caitlin Woods, Ian Fleming, Bernard Clarke and Michael Dean present compositions at the National Concert Hall as part of the Contemporary Music Centre New Music Marathon 2013.

Jurgen Simpson presents at Cinesonika 3

Jürgen Simpson presents at Cinesonika 3 (The Third International Film and Video Festival of Sound Design) conference. This paper discusses the challenges of composing and designing sound for multi-screen film and presents these in the context of “The Dance of Making”, a three-screen film installation by Mary Wycherley and Jürgen Simpson.

Sazdov on the Board for the Struga Musical Autumn 2013

Robert Sazdov has been invited by the Composers’ Association of Macedonia to join the artistic board and organising committee for the Struga Music Autumn 2013. The conference is the longest running music conference in the Republic of Macedonia and deals with a broad range of themes, including Byzantine music, ethnomusicology, and contemporary music.

Former MA student Timothy Schmele receives Luigi Russolo music prize

Timothy Schmele, 2010 MA in Music Technology graduate, has received 1st Prize at the 2012 Luigi Russolo electro-acoustic music prize. The Russolo competition is one of the most prestigious contests for electro-acoustic composition. It began in 1979 as a homage to the painter and composer Luigi Russolo, the founder of noise music.

DMARC Seminars going Live!

We are happy to announce that we will now be broadcasting live streams of our wednesday seminar series for those who are unable to attend the events in person. This wednesday we are operating a pilot stream to test the technology. Many thanks must go to David Moya Garcia and his colleagues at CRF Films…

Composer’s Association of Macedonia commission Robert Sazdov

The Composer’s Association of Macedonia has commissioned Robert Sazdov to compose a piece for Tapan (Macedonian traditional drum) and multi-channel tape. The piece will be performed by acclaimed Macedonian percussionist Ratko Dautovski (Dragan Dautovski Quartet, Dazhbog, Djivan Gasparian) at the Days of Macedonian Music festival 2013.

Robert Sazdov receives a commission from Fraunhofer Institute

Robert Sazdov has been commissioned by the Fraunfoher Institute (IIS) to compose a three-dimensional multi-channel composition. He has been invited to utilized the ‘Mozart’ room at Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, Erlangen to realize a 22.2 channel work. He will also be working on perceptual experiment designs that will be used for experiments ultimately contributing to the proposed ‘H’ audio standard.