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Open Call: Light Moves festival of screendance

Call for Papers & Presentations

Following the open call for films, Light Moves Festival of Screendance is pleased to announce its call for presentations and paper proposals for inclusion at the Light Moves Symposium 2015: ‘Peeling away the layers’ The symposium sits within a festival and aims to encourage artistic and scholarly exchange, debate and discussion in screendance and related disciplines including performance, dance, film, visual arts, sound and text. Proposals are invited from practitioners and scholars for max 20 minute presentations. Experimental and/or group formats of presentation are welcome.

SYMPOSIUM THEME The theme for this year’s symposium is ‘Peeling away the layers’. Papers and project presentations may include but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Screendance as a language for social, cultural and political conversations.
  • Let’s talk about digital: Challenging the allure of High Definition/The ubiquitous camera/Primitive technologies, embracing artefact and rediscovering lo-fi
  • Screendance conventions and the interplay between mainstream and experimental practices
  • Mediating and experiencing time in screendance (uninterrupted, compressed and expanded time)
  • Harnessing performativity; liveness in screendance
  • Confronting stereotype (body, dance, location)

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Tony Doyle at Spatial Sound Hack Lab

PhD Candidate Tony Doyle has been selected to participate at the Spatial Sound Hack Lab working on the 4DSound system. Tony will be using his own spatial application to explore the possibilities of this unique speaker array.

Hosted by CDM (, Ableton, Liine, and Fiber at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 10h Saturday 18 October – 21h Sunday 19 October.

“What’s possible when the experience of sound can happen in more dimensions? We invite artists and hackers to explore the 4DSOUND system using a variety of tools of their own choice, culminating in new experiments in sound, music, and performance.”

For more information:

Light Moves Festival of Screendance


Light Moves is Ireland’s first festival focusing specifically on screendance/dance film. It is a response to the vibrant and expanding field of screendance in Ireland and joins a range of similar initiatives internationally in providing a platform for new works and a forum for development and enquiry in this exciting area. Highlighting the collaborative intensity of screendance, Light Moves brings together national and international directors, performers, choreographers, composers, writers and cinematographers through a series of workshops and presentations. Combining invited works and open submissions, Light Moves will showcase the unique diversity of movement on screen via a series of curated events in the exceptional setting of the Dance Limerick Daghdha Space. Light Moves will award a range of prizes to both established and student works for those works submitted via the open call.

Light Moves is curated and directed by Mary Wycherley and Jürgen Simpson and is a Limerick City of Culture Legacy Project collaboration with festival partners Dance Limerick and DMARC and additional support from The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance. The keynote speaker is Douglas Rosenberg from the University of Madison Wisconsin.

For more information on Light Moves click here.

at once a surface and a frame

John Galvin – 2013

4 HD digital videos (varied durations)

at once a surface and a frame consists of a suite of four digital videos developed by John Galvin in 2012. These videos take the form of spatial montages, in which many different image materials (photographic, filmic and painting) share a single pictorial space. The results are densely layered, durational works that operate between modernist collage and cinematic realism.

This exhibition takes as its starting point the exploration of the window as a liminal surface – both thematically (in the source material used) and structurally (in examining the ‘surfaceness’ of the projection/screen). The videos offer a fractured surface where the ‘sutures’ between multiple images (and the different temporalities they represent) are left visible. The works explore a visuality where simultaneity rather than sequentiality is foregrounded – where the relationships between the multi-layered imagery become as important as the imagery itself.

Exhibition runs from 3rd – 13th September
Bourne Vincent Gallery,
Foundation Building,
University of Limerick.

Official opening 11th September @ 5pm

The betAV performance series

Léon McCarthy’s betAV audio-visual performance series is his effort to make audiences aware of the impact that industrial fishing practices are having on the seas and our world at large. Taking his lead from the 2009 documentary ‘The End of the Line’, Léon repurposes some of its video content to present his live audio-visual interpretation. Motion graphics illustrate data on the yearly catches of yearly of pelagic fish in the Mediterranean. Further animations present data on the health benefits of eating fish and furthermore, steps we can take to maintain fish stocks into the future.

The series engages with Léon’s PhD research as he his seeking to harness audiovisual performance as a medium for conversation with an audience – and believes he can champion topics of social importance in this manner.

The most recent performance, betAV06, will take place this May 9th in Singapore at the DigitalArtWeeks festival.

Below are links to websites where one can further inform oneself on this topic.


The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)

Sea Shepherd

An activist group supporting the welfare of the seas


A movement seeking to halt the killing of endangered fish

International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)


International Commission for the conservation of Atlantic Tunas

The End of the Line – documentary film on the overfishing of our seas:

A performance at the Sugarclub, Dublin, July 2012, as part of the Dublin as part of European Science Week and the Imagine Film

betaV03 – A live audiovisual performance from CSIS, University of Limerick on Vimeo.

iNTERFACES Competition

Bernard Clarke, Masters in Music Technology, composition student and award-winning broadcaster with RTÉ Lyric FM, has been shortlisted for the iNTERFACES 10th Annual International Audiovisual Festival competition. His work, wrecked solitary here was created as part of the composition/dance composition project, a collaboration between DMARCs MA/MSc in Music Technology and the Irish World Academies Contemporary Dance Performance Masters programme. wrecked solitary here is made up of recorded samples of choreographer/performer Talia Marcela’s voice, recorded clips from the great Greek-American Soprano Maria Callas, sound effects such as vinyl crackles and pops, scratches and whooshes, record player turntables powering up and down, plus micro-fragments of Bizet’s Act II Gypsy Song from Carmen slowed down and rescored for reversed breaths and drums. The work was recently show cased at the Irish Contemporary Music Centre’s annual showcase at the National Concert Hall Dublin.

Morphons and Bions selected for MUME weekend, Sydney, Australia

Morphons and Bions, a real-time Pd composition utilising noise-based synthesis techniques, will be performed 16 June, 4pm, in the event called “Studies in Autonomy.” It will be held in Verbruggen Hall, Conservatorium.

Morphons and Bions marks an abrupt departure from using recorded sounds and moves into sound synthesis. When contemplating what makes recorded sounds so compelling, the immediate realisation was the inherent noise in an acoustic sound: the microfluctuations of amplitude, frequency content, durations, etc. By using white noise generators and digital “clicks,” Morphons and Bions attempts to tap into a new direction for sound synthesis. The noises are mediated by classical synthesis techniques such as additive synthesis, amplitude modulation and frequency modulation. Like earlier works, random and stochastic equations are used. However, in this work, they are used for timing, rhythms and durations, as well as controlling frequencies and amplitudes of modulating waveforms.

More about Musical Metacreation Weekend (MUME)

Listen to the stereo version of Morphons and Bions.

Henry Vega (US), Anat Spiegel (NL) & Emmanuel Flores (MX) performing Wormsongs

Thursday 4 April at 8pm.
Ormston House, 9/10 Patrick Street, Limerick
Ormston House and DMARC are delighted to present Henry Vega (US), Anat Spiegel (NL) & Emmanuel Flores (MX) performing Wormsongs, a new musical work for voice, electronics and live visuals, performed by composer Henry Vega (electronics) and Anat Spiegel (voice), and accompanied by real-time visual projections by video artist Emmanuel Flores.

Wormsongs Preview from Artek Foundation on Vimeo.

Inspired by Spiegel’s distinctive voice and a variety of vocal traditions such as religious intoning and spoken-word, Vega orchestrates streams of automatic sound with vocal parts to match, creating a digital language that spans the spectrum from noise to pure sine in a style he describes as micro-minimal with a passion towards machine-kind.

A preview of the work, along with an interview with the performers can be found at