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The Dance of Making (2012) – Three screen HD video installation

The Dance of Making, 2012, 14 min. 35 sec, HD video triptych, a film by Mary Wycherley with music by Jürgen Simpson. West Cork Arts Centre – Gallery 1 – 21st July – 11th August

The Dance of Making, a video triptych, explores the human processes which lie at the heart of living culture. Informed by contemporary dance’s deep awareness of the body, movement and embodiment, this work focuses on the act of creation in traditional handcrafts and activities such as uilleann pipe making, hand weaving and dry stonewalling. Produced by Mary Wycherley and Jürgen Simpson, The Dance of Making was funded by The Arts Council of Ireland Dance Project Funding, and is supported by West Cork Arts Centre, North Tipperary Arts Office, and DMARC.

The exhibition also presents Time… and Again, 2009, 8 min. 10 sec, single screen video, music by Jürgen Simpson. Time… and Again was shot in 2009 and is a precursor and conceptually linked work to The Dance of Making, 2012. The use of 300fps slow motion cinematography and the deliberate indeterminate time period of the footage, alter our sense of time and place. The film highlights traditions past and present and draws attention to changing futures.

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