Clare Langan – State of Suspension: Music by Jurgen Simpson

A meditation on loss, State of Suspension (2012) explores the fragility of the human condition, frozen somewhere between life and death. Shot with a high-speed camera, a human figure and water defy the laws of gravity. The film directly investigates core aspects of physical matter and time. It is set to an original score by Irish / German composer Jürgen Simpson.

Much of Clare Langan’s past oveure has explored the fragility of mankind in relation to nature with the camera firmly focused on the landscape and the environment. In State of Suspension the camera lens is turned more directly on the human figure itself exploring ideas of our existence, our mortality and the space in-between. This shift of focus in Langan’s work opens out a new phase in her film and video works. In State of Suspension there is no clear distinction between dream and reality and the space that the film creates becomes a submersive world that the viewer is drawn into. In this emotive work, a woman appears to float midair, or levitate upwards, suggesting a transition from one world to another. Flashes of what seem to be memory interject the space in which the woman exists. Rain rises upwards, permeating each film frame.

Langan’s approach to the filmic image has always been interdisciplinary taking both from the language of cinema as well as that of painting. Her attention to architecture and space is evident in the films locations as well has how the work is perceived as a video installation.