Recording Studio 1

Primarily used by Postgraduate students this studio comprises 4 specific purpose rooms facilitating almost every aspect of the recording process from initial concept to finished composition. An acoustically isolated Live Room is equipped with a midi-enabled Yamaha mini grand piano and an eight piece Pearl Masters drum kit. A clear-glass window allows visual communication between the Live Room and the Control Room where a Digidesign HD setup, including a D-Command control surface, is used to record 24-bit audio at up to 96KHz. An array of microphone pre-amps offer excellent variety and control over both the recording and post-production processes. See the downloadable tech spec for a full list of pre-amps available.

The Post-Production room offers unparallelled facilities for an educational institution in Ireland. A 5.1 surround sound system of Genelec speakers and a stereo pair of Genelec 1037C offer professional standard clarity and precision for audio reproduction. One of only two Euphonix System 5-MC control surfaces in Ireland is used to control whatever DAW being used (Pro-Tools or Logic Studio). Acoustic treatment on the walls and ceiling ensure the best possible room response.

The Composition Suite houses a Doepfer modular synth, two Nord keyboard synths (Stage 88 and Modular 2), and a Capybara DSP engine. Software including Kyma, Native Instruments Komplete, Ircams Open Music, Max/MSP ensure that students have access to software that can realize an unimaginable variety of sounds and textures.