Recording Studio 2

Recently built (Summer 2008) state of the art acoustically isolated recording studio. This facility is used to introduce Undergraduates to the process of audio recording and post-production, comprising a large control room for teaching, a smaller project control room and a Live Room. In Control Room 1 a D-Command ES24 allows complete control over the integrated Pro-Tools HD 7 software and a Digidesign Pre-8 gives up to eight channels of audio inputs with identical frequency response across all channels. A 5.0 surround system of Genelc 8040s can be used to record, mix, and produce music and audio for film. In control room 2 a Yamaha 02R is used for recording and mixing in tandem with a Digidesign 003 Rack which can be used with either Pro Tools LE or Logic Pro 8.