FutureEverything Festival

My trip to the UK in May began with my Annual PhD review in Newcastle. All went well. Then it was a spin South to Manchester for the FutureEverything Festival & Conference. Some presentations and panel discussions were interesting. However the evening performances proved of most value to me. The opening night saw Tim Hecker perform live in a church in Salford. The 2nd evening featured Dieter Moebius’s live score to the epic film ‘Metropolis’ – an incredible experience. Friday night, I recorded an interview with DJCheeba, before he went on to perform his cusom AV show at Islington Mill. ‘SuperCritical Mass’, a duo of Australian composers, premiered their piece for local choirs in Manchester Cathedral on Friday evening – a very powerful and moving experience. I bumped into a former Music Technology student from DMARC at that event, small world. Finally, the finale to the festival was Amon Tobin’s Projection-mapped Extravaganza ‘ISAM’. Quite hard to describe in words – perhaps the zenith in Projection Mapping Art thus far. Blast Theory had their world renowned Urban-Networked Street-Game running in the evenings, from the base of Mr Scruff’s city-centre cafe Teacup & Cakes. It was great to play it at long last, after reading about for so long.