Morphons and Bions selected for MUME weekend, Sydney, Australia

Morphons and Bions, a real-time Pd composition utilising noise-based synthesis techniques, will be performed 16 June, 4pm, in the event called “Studies in Autonomy.” It will be held in Verbruggen Hall, Conservatorium.

Morphons and Bions marks an abrupt departure from using recorded sounds and moves into sound synthesis. When contemplating what makes recorded sounds so compelling, the immediate realisation was the inherent noise in an acoustic sound: the microfluctuations of amplitude, frequency content, durations, etc. By using white noise generators and digital “clicks,” Morphons and Bions attempts to tap into a new direction for sound synthesis. The noises are mediated by classical synthesis techniques such as additive synthesis, amplitude modulation and frequency modulation. Like earlier works, random and stochastic equations are used. However, in this work, they are used for timing, rhythms and durations, as well as controlling frequencies and amplitudes of modulating waveforms.

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Listen to the stereo version of Morphons and Bions.