Alan Dormer


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Research Interests: Alan’s research focuses on the relationship between sound and space, and how this relationship is influential on human perception. Research crossing science, arts, and philosophy investigate how aural architecture influences the human psyche.

Multi-sensory perceptual information creates an embodiment and rootedness within the spaces we occupy, it connects us physically, mentally, and spiritually to our ambiances. In a world of the physical, ocularcentrism has led to the suppression of, and poor designing for our other senses. Considering this, research will investigate the role of audition within architectural and social spaces and it’s psychological, cognitive, and behavioral effects.

Alan’s PhD will be conducted through research led arts practice, works and experimentation place attention on symbolic spatiality, acoustic memory, aural architecture, and emotional synchronism.

Keywords: acoustics, psychoacoustics, anthropology, architecture, soundscapes, aural architecture, acoustic ecology, archaeoacoustics, topoanalysis, symbolic spatiality, sound art, environmental behavior, acoustic memory, psychology, and philosophy.