David O Mahoney

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Website: www.mckenic.com www.soundcloud.com/mckenic

Qualifications: BA English and New Media, MA Music Technology (UL)

Research Interests: This research aims to use computer software, tactile control systems, medical equipment and emerging technologies to position the discourse on artistic creativity extrinsic to the traditional location of psychology and place it within the paradigm of music technology. It will examine the nature of individual creativity and the rationale that music technology can be a mediating force in the realization of artistic works. It will investigate how the individual creates a musical piece and how that process can be enabled, supplemented and advanced with the use of technologies. As such, three main elements will be analyzed: identity, creativity and music technology.

I hope this work will contribute to the field of music technology by situating the creative individual as the fulcrum around which advances in technology and the realization of artistically valid musical works converge. New processes in perception, measurement, the mapping of collected control data and the aesthetic visualization of these constructs will form the locus of a musical, technological and personal discourse. Psychology and technology will be used to position creativity as the locale where neural events during the composition process and musical memory identify individuality as a creative force rather than a deterministic abstraction.

Keywords: Technology, Creativity, Psychology, Individuality, Tactile Control Systems, Composition Process, Music Technology as Mediating Force, Perception, Measurement, Mapping

Organisational Membership: ISSTA