Hugh Lynch

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Qualifications: BSc. Music Media & Performance Technology (UL)

Research Interests: Hugh’s current research focuses on the perception of multi-channel surround sound and the formulation of compositional approaches for composing multi-channel electroacoustic music.

The perceptual research involves undertaking listening experiments where by participants perceptually evaluate composed three-dimensional multi-channel electroacoustic music within an ecologically valid listening room environment. Listeners are asked to evaluate presented multi-channel sound for specific spatial attributes. Within these listening experiments multi-channel compositional approaches and types of space are evaluated (i.e. elevated space). Compositional approaches are derived from the analysis of the perceptual observations made by the participants.

This research method is derived from methods found in the related disciplines of concert hall acoustic and reproduced multi-channel audio research. Within these disciplines research has focused on the spatial sound perception of reproduced audio for specific aspects of sound space (i.e. envelopment)

The experiment research findings have focused on formulating strategies for composing multi-channel electroacoustic music. Novel compositional techniques have been derived for this purpose, consisting of spatial techniques for composing horizontal and elevated space. This far, research findings have been presented at ICMC (2011) and EMS (2011) conferences.

Keywords: Spatial Audio, Electroacoustic Music, Sound Perception Research, Reproduced Audio Research, Concert Hall Acoustic, Psychoacoustics, Audio Engineering

Organisational Membership: AES, ISSTA, ICMA, EMS.