Tony Doyle

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Qualifications: LGSM Dip. Jazz Piano Performance (Newpark), PG Dip. Music & Media Tech (TCD), Masters Music & Media Tech (TCD).

Research Interests: Can Auditory Scene Analysis inform the development of an aurally immersive environment through the spatialization of frequency partial information?

Auditory scene analysis (ASA), is an area of psychoacoustics that studies how humans perceive complex sound environments and are able to make sense of them. Of particular importance to this being possible is the time of arrival of frequency partial information belonging to each sound, the energy of each partial and the emitting sound’s source direction. Within ASA the examination of what are called the psychoacoustic ’emergent properties’ of ‘fusion’ and ‘segregation’ in auditory streams have been studied.

This research will explore these emergent properties to develop an aurally immersive environment by using multichannel techniques to spatially disperse partial information. The novelty to this approach will be to place listeners within the sonic entity itself. Issues such as source locatedness and the types of sounds suitable for such presentation will require consideration. The envisioned outcome is that this environment will be a new approach to immersive listening. The properties of a sonic entity will be spatialized and will bring the listener into the construction of that sound. The primary demonstration of this approach will be realized using original spectral music compositions. Sonic entities of any type can be spatialized and as such would be applicable to not only music but also industries that utilize immersive technologies such as film, gaming and 3D web development.

Keywords: Multichannel audio, Auditory Scene Analysis, Auditory Cognition, Multichannel Composition

Organisational Membership: ISSTA.