Seminar March 14th | Andy Farnell

Wednesday March 14th, 2012

2.30pm Computer Science Auditorium (CSG-01)

Andy will be presenting a lecture and workshop where students can understand and create sound effects starting from nothing.

Approaching sound as a process, rather than as data is the essence of Procedural Sound which has applications in video games, film, animation, and media in which sound is part of an interactive process creating a living sound effect that runs as computer code, changing in real time according to unpredictable events. We will use the Pure Data (Pd) language to construct sound objects, which are more flexible and useful than recordings. Participants should come with Pure Data (Extended version) already installed on their laptops, a fully charged battery and a set of headphones.

Andy Farnell is a computer scientist from the UK specialising in audio DSP and synthesis. Pioneer of Procedural Audio and the author of the MIT textbook “Designing Sound”, Andy is visiting professor at several European institutions and consultant to game and audio technology companies. He is also an enthusiastic advocate and hacker of Free open source software, who believes in educational opportunities and access to enabling tools and knowledge for all.