Seminar & Concert wt Christopher Williams | 13th February

Seminar: Wednesday February 13th, 2013

3.00pm Computer Science Auditorium (CSG-01)

Bass Playing in the Wild: making music with instruments and field recordings

This presentation will introduce three very different recent projects that integrate my own contrabass playing in combination with other instruments and environmental recordings:

1) Arcanum 17, a multimedia composition for contrabass, microtonal tuba, conch, voices, and field recordings after André Breton’s book of the same name, set in Charlie Morrow’s True 3D immersive sound environment.

2) BERLIN QUELQUE PART, an audiovisual project with members of the phonographie collective Ouie/Dire and contrabass clarinettist Chris Heenan.

3) Groundwave Rondo, a semi-improvised piece for solo contrabass with stereo playback of AM radio feedback recorded on trains throughout Europe, to be performed at my concert in Limerick.

Discussion will focus on both the practical and conceptual aspects of creating pieces that extend the compositional world to variables of social, acoustic, and electromagnetic environments.

Concert: Wednesday February 13th, 2013

8.00pm ICO performance space

The concert will include solo pieces for bass and bass with electronics. Composers include Christopher Williams, Jeffrey Treviño, Kerry Hagan and Yoav Pasovsky. It will take place in the main space of the Irish Chamber Orchestra building at 8pm.

Kor, Yaov Pasovsky
Groundwave Rondo, Christopher Williams
(bass), Kerry Hagan

Christopher Williams is a Berlin/ Barcelona-based composer, bassist, and organizer originally from San Diego (California), where he he studied at the University of California with Chaya Czernowin, Bertram Turetzky, Charles Curtis, and others. Additional teachers include John Rahn, Erik Ulman, and Mark Dresser.

He has musicked with Derek Bailey, LaMonte Young’s Theatre of Eternal Music, Mary Oliver and Rozemarie Heggen, trigger ensemble für aktuelle musik, Hans W. Koch, Tom Djll and Matt Ingalls, Barbara Held, Charles Curtis, ensemble chronophonie, Maggie Nicols, NOISE Ensemble, visual artist Tanja Smit, and dancers Martin Sonderkamp and Justin Morrison; has recorded for the Incus, Steady Beat, and Eclipse record labels; has written articles for Open Space and The Improvisor; and has received scholarships and prizes from the University of California, the Darmstadt Summer Courses, the Arts Council of Catalunya and the Festival Acanthes composers’ workshop.

Recent projects include participation in Possibility of Action: the life of the score, a collective exhibition of musical scores at the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art; a premiere of works by composer Benjamin Carson at Columbia University; a monthlong stay at Hotel Pupik, an international artists’ residency at Schloss Schrattenberg, Austria; the premiere broadcast of The Hispaniola: a webradio play for flutist on VPRO Radio 6 (Holland); and organizing the Festivalet d’Hivern, an annual festival of improvised and experimental music in Barcelona.

Christopher is a member of Associació Musical l’Embut and the Metro i Mig Cycle Club, the Institute for Intermediate Studies, and a Maker’s Mark Embassador.

“Williams knows how to create a dialogue with his sonic environment in which he actually manages to say musical things – something few improvisors, outside Lol Coxhill, are rarely capable of.”

– Ben Watson, critic and author of Derek Bailey and the Story of Free Improvisation.