Seminar March 28th | Domenico Scijano

Wednesday March 28th, 2012

3.00pm Computer Science Auditorium (CSG-01)


During his talk Sciajno will explore the actual limits and the hidden potential of the present-day electronic sound production and composition in that peculiar area where borders between the academic and the non-academic scene are weaker. In spite of the technical limitation that characterized the initial production of electronic composition the music created had an inner multilayered structure that reflected the articulation adopted by instrumental composers. With the technical development that enables musician to store in a laptop all the electronic instruments that in the fifties-sixties occupied full laboratories we assist to an increase of complexity that affects mainly the morphology of single streams of sounds rather than the structures and the forms. A reflection over this issue and to other connected to it will be done during the lecture and will be accompanied by some presentations of his investigations, compositions and mixed media works.

Born in Torino, Italy,1965, now based in Palermo, Sicily Domenico Sciajno studied ‘Instrumental and Electronic Composition’ and Double bass in the ‘Royal Conservatory’ of Den Haag in Holland. His interest for improvisation combined with the influences of an academic education brought his research to the creative possibilities for interaction between acoustic instruments, indeterminacy factors and their live processing by electronic devices or computers.

From 1992 he has been present in major international music and media arts festivals as interpreter, improviser and composer. His work is documented by worldwide independent labels of experimental and electronic music. The wide spectrum of his experience brings him very close to the concept of performance, where he uses texts and electronics in combination with a choreographic use of the scene space and the projection of visuals made by himself. He has developed Interactive Sound installations for art galleries and exhibitions.

Since 2003 he teaches Electronic Music at the Conservatory of Music Scontrino in Sicily. In the edition 2004 of Prix Ars Electronica his work OUR UR in collaboration with Alvin Curran was given an an honorary mention. In September 2008 his multichannel installation Phadora was premiered during the opening on the 2008 edition of Ars Electronica.

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