Seminar: Gianfranco Ceccolini & Harry van Haaren present The Mod Pedal

Wednesday October 15th 2.00pm
Computer Science Auditorium (CSG-01)

The Mod Pedal is a linux based guitar effects board. It supports hundreds of effects in a small rugged stompbox and allows users to install new pedals and to share pedalboards online. MOD users have access to a social network for sharing pedalboards. In addition to installing other users’ pedalboards, users can record 15-second sound samples and share them on Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.
Gianfranco and Harry will discuss the development of the Mod pedal and their wider interest in music and open source programming.

Following the seminar there will be a workshop where participants will have an opportunity to try out the MOD pedal and speak to the developers. Take your favorite guitar, plectrum or pick along, and try it for yourself!

Gianfranco Ceccolini turned the MOD into a union of his two passions: music and technology. He got his first guitar and his first computer in 1990 and has been thinking of a way to combine the two ever since. A free software enthusiast, Gianfranco got a degree in mechanical engineering from the Polytechnic College of the University of São Paulo in 2003, worked in serveradministration and computer networks, lived in London, played in variousbands, spent some time at Petrobras and even set up an events space. In 2010, he decided to take his life in a different direction, left his job at the major state company (Petrobras) and decided to focus entirely on developing the MOD. He is a devoted Frank Zappa fan!

Harry van Haaren is a musician turned C++ coder. After finishing the Music Media Performance Technology degree from UL, he went on to found OpenAV productions and is the author of various softsynths and effect plugins. His focus is currently on the workflow of live-looping, and creating software tools to improve the impact and dynamics of a solo performance.