Seminar | International Film Composer Patrick Cassidy

Patrick Cassidy

Thursday April 27th 1.30pm
Computer Science Auditorium (CSG-01)

The CSIS Department at the University of Limerick is delighted to welcome one of our most distinguished alumni back to the campus on Thursday, 28 April.

International Composer, Patrick Cassidy will deliver a special seminar on the theme of “Music Composition For Film”.

Patrick Cassidy was first honoured by the University of Limerick in 2007 when he received a UL Alumni Award for his contribution to Arts & Culture. Patrick graduated from UL with a BSc in Applied Mathematics in 1985 and left Ireland in 1999 to pursue his music career in Los Angeles. In 2015, he was honoured at the inaugural Richard Harris International Film Festival, held in Limerick, with the Outstanding Talent Award. The award-winning Composer is increasingly spending time in Ireland and among his recent works was the score for RTE’s ‘1916 The Irish Rebellion’ and the much-lauded ‘Mise Eire’, a hauntingly beautiful and moving arrangement of Pearse’s poem. Later this month, Patrick will be a key contributor to the GAA’s ‘Laochra’ spectacle at Croke Park to commemorate the centenary of the 1916 Rising. This is the first time Patrick has returned to the campus to share his experiences and he will be a guest of the CSIS Department and the UL Alumni Association.

The Seminar will take place from 1.30pm to 3pm on Thursday, 28 April in Room CSG-01, CSIS Building, University of Limerick.

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