Seminar Léon McCarthy | 31st October

Wednesday October 31st, 2012

3.00pm Computer Science Auditorium (CSG-01)

Using subjective audience feedback on the experience of a live audiovisual performance – an audiovisual performance & research presentation

Léon McCarthy, lecturer here in DMARC in Digital Video Art, will present a live audiovisual performance for the first time in Limerick. Following this, he will ask the audience to partake in a short survey and then discuss his current methods in seeking to enrich the experience of live audiovisuals

Léon’s PhD research is seeking to enrich the experience of live audiovisuals, for both performers and audience members alike. Towards this end, it appears hiw research needs to address 3 concerns:
· Gain a practical understanding of the ontology of the live experience
· Design systems that facilitate real-time observation of audiences
· Design flexible performance prototypes that facilitate deviation during performance, deviation that is in response to the audience context that is arising

Currently in the early stages of his PhD, he is investigating the manner in which individual experience arise and howcontent, gesture & context help shape individual and group perceptions. Today’s performance is one in a series, which uses post-performance survey to learn of the individual experiences that have arisen. Analyzing subjective response toward bettering his practice has proven challenging. Léon will discuss the approaches he has taken, approaches that could prove useful to artists of any medium investigating the nature of the art experience.

A live stream of the performance and presentation can be viewed here.