The betAV performance series

Léon McCarthy’s betAV audio-visual performance series is his effort to make audiences aware of the impact that industrial fishing practices are having on the seas and our world at large. Taking his lead from the 2009 documentary ‘The End of the Line’, Léon repurposes some of its video content to present his live audio-visual interpretation. Motion graphics illustrate data on the yearly catches of yearly of pelagic fish in the Mediterranean. Further animations present data on the health benefits of eating fish and furthermore, steps we can take to maintain fish stocks into the future.

The series engages with Léon’s PhD research as he his seeking to harness audiovisual performance as a medium for conversation with an audience – and believes he can champion topics of social importance in this manner.

The most recent performance, betAV06, will take place this May 9th in Singapore at the DigitalArtWeeks festival.

Below are links to websites where one can further inform oneself on this topic.


The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)

Sea Shepherd

An activist group supporting the welfare of the seas


A movement seeking to halt the killing of endangered fish

International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)


International Commission for the conservation of Atlantic Tunas

The End of the Line – documentary film on the overfishing of our seas:

A performance at the Sugarclub, Dublin, July 2012, as part of the Dublin as part of European Science Week and the Imagine Film

betaV03 – A live audiovisual performance from CSIS, University of Limerick on Vimeo.