Research Activities @DMARC

DMARCs faculty and PhD students are involved in a range of projects which explore the many different facets of digital art and technology. This work includes both practice based and theoretical approaches to research and embraces the interdisciplinary nature of digital media and arts research.

Research at DMARC is organized around three main themes : audio and visual research, creative technologies and digital arts practice.

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Audio & Visual Research

The field of audio and visual research at DMARC explores issues pertaining to the presentation and perception of video & audio. This includes the topics of spatial audio, acoustics, psychoacoustics, 3D projection, low-resolution display and immersive environments. Research in this field includes:

  • The semantics inherent in contemporary audiovisuals & motion graphics
  • The definition of narrative through added-value in audiovisual performance
  • Algorithms for real-time sound spatialization

Creative Technologies

Research in creative technology at DMARC focuses on the development of software, novel controllers, musical instruments and interactive installations. Specific projects include:

  • Digital Musical Instruments: development & compositional approaches.
  • Realtime Audiovisual controller development.
  • The development of a Movement based design framework for Digital musical instruments.

Digital Arts Practice

DMARC engages in a diverse range of activities investigating technology-enabled arts practice. Research areas include music composition, visual media, installation art, virtual art and performance. Specific projects in this area include:

  • Interrogating Narrative in Multimedia Art
  • Real-time methods for music composition
  • Perception and manipulation of time in music
  • Compositional Approaches for NIME Performance

PhD Programmes

A three/four-year course of study leading to the award of a PhD in Digital and Electornic Arts.

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Master by Research

A one-year research programme leading to the award of a Master Degree in Arts & Technology. The programme offers a unique opportunity to students to further their techology oriented art practice. Student will be offered the opportunities to perfor and exhibit their work in partnership with local and national arts groups.

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Artistic Residencies

We offer recurrent residencies to professional artists and/or scholars interested in joining us and use our facilities for their artowrks and research.

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Research Supervisors

Jurgen Simpson

J├╝rgen Simpson

Giuseppe Torre

Giuseppe Torre

Neil O'connor

Neil O'Connor

Nicholas Ward

Nicholas Ward

Robin Parmar

Robin Parmar

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